Let us start on the ground floor although on entering the courtyard there is an inviting wide, covered staircase leading to a terrace on the first floor. Probably you will enter Gli Oppi through the old blue wooden door to the 60m2 kitchen and dining area. There you will see a massive antique table which seats easily 12 people or more. The kitchen is completely equipped with 2 refrigerators, dishwasher and gas heated stove with a big oven and grill and all the pans, plates etc etc. From the kitchen you can walk into a room which is a “semi office” equipped with PC and printer (in and around the house is WiFi), while there is also a sofa bed that sleeps 2 if you are staying at the house with more than 16 people. Next to the this room is a large say suite which consists of a sleeping part with a HD TV and CD+DVD, a desk to work at and a sitting corner around a fireplace. This room is some 50m2. It was restored completely in 2010 when floor heating was installed at the time when the entire heating and electricity of the house was renewed. This room has an adjoining big bathroom with old Etruscan period tiles and washbasin as well as a huge bathtub and shower and all other amenities.

First floor
You can reach the first floor either by climbing the outdoor staircase and then entering into the main living room or by taking the indoor stairs from the semi office to the so-called TV room. Let us take the outdoor steps which lead to a typical old Tuscan style, covered terrace from which you have a great view over the rolling hills of Southern Tuscany. Go through the double doors into the main living room where you can sit with 10 or more around a very big fireplace (there is an ample supply of wood). From 3 big windows you can a great view all the way to Cortona at a distance of some 20 kilometers, while listening to music on the CD/HiFi set. Behind the big living room is a lovely bedroom with windows to 2 sides and an adjoining big bathroom. Here is another TV and CD+DVD installation and a great collection of films and cd’s. Next to the main living room you find another living room, the TV room, with a big TV screen and DVD as well as Video. You can watch many satellite TV programs or movies from our wide house collection. Next to the TV room are 2 double bedrooms and 2 fully equipped adjoining bathrooms. So on this floor, which was also largely redone in 2010, there is a combination of living rooms, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The walls are so thick, as you would expect in a 14th century mansion that there is no need for air conditioning. And then you will find in the main living room a door which closes of a staircase leading to the second floor.

Second floor
When you walk up the staircase you will find a further 3 double bedrooms a small study and a bathroom. Here a further 6 persons can sleep and when they look out of their windows they have the best view of all. The study is sometimes used as a spare room for small infants with the parents sleeping next to the child. Throughout the house there is central heating and all the rooms have nice, wooden shutters protecting in winter against the cold and snow which can fall here and in summer against the warm weather.

The extensions
Apart from the main house, there are 4 extensions namely the old bread and pizza oven of some 15m2, a garage and shed of similar size (with several bikes for the adventurous), a separate extension in which there is a further bathroom as well as a washing and a drying machine, and finally a suite in which you will find a sleeping corner again with TV, CD and DVD and a sitting corner. Here 2 people can sleep and if wanted there is space for 2 further small beds for children. In this last extension which was constructed “only” 100 years ago, there is air conditioning because the walls are less thick.