Castelmuzio, Montisi, Petroio, San Giovanni d’Asso and Trequanda

Gli Oppi lies between 5 ancient, walled villages; the Cinque Sorelle. These places have winessed so many historic events. They were at the crossroads of the continuously warring Principalities of Florence and Perugia, the Republic of Siena, and the Papal State. That is why the Cinque Sorelle are all walled fortified places strategically located on hilltops. These days it is a lush, green and peaceful area just west of the Crete Senese through which you should drive when visiting Siena just 30 minutes away from our house and Trequanda. In neighbouring Montisi you can find some different nice restaurants¬†and cafes. In Petroio, which is considered the terra cotta capital of the world, you can visit the small beautiful museum dedicated to terra cotta (Trequanda has now also its own beautiful museum dedicated to terra cotta). Three kilometers further down the road you see not only the contours of Castelmuzio, but also the tower and buildings of the Sant’Anna in Camprena abbey in which the movie “The English Patient” was staged. Another few kilometers down the road is San Giovanni d’Asso. There you can make a “dream walk” in a very special forest called Il Bosco della Ragnaia. Close to this unique place, you can visit the Abbey Monte Oliveto Maggiore which was started in 1313. The abbey is dedicated to Saint Benedictus and in the abbey you can admire 36 freschi dedicated to the live of the saint painted in the 15th century by Signorelli and Il Sodoma.

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